Fresh, Flavorful Food and Superior Customer Service

We came into the business with a simple goal: become a trusted, reliable resource for buyers and sellers, anchored by family values and a strict adherence to service and quality. We’re proud to say our original traditions and relationship-first commitment are still very much alive. We’ve embraced modern advances to assist our customers, but not at the expense of cutting corners or turning our backs on quality. We look forward to serving you.

Trucco traces its roots to 1937 among the stands of the Washington Street Produce Market in downtown Manhattan. In 1967, the business was relocated to the storied Hunts Point Produce Market in the Bronx, where it was one of the first tenants.

From there, Salvatore Vacca planted the seed for one of the most reputable and reliable produce distributorships in the industry. Early on, fresh Italian chestnuts were the company staple, but in 1999, Trucco added kiwifruit, garlic, fresh figs and pineapples to its growing list of fresh produce, dried fruit and nuts. Citruses are the newest addition.

Today, Trucco harnesses three powerful brands – KiwiStar™, TruStar™ and Fresco — to bring you conventional and organic products at the peak of their flavor, delivered on time anywhere in the U.S. with superior customer service.

Our end-to-end logistics center on the Trucco Distribution Center in Vineland, New Jersey. We use state-of-the-art technologies, best practices and safety procedures to import, store, ripen, pack and ship products to our customers, with programs customized to meet their unique needs.