A.J. Trucco Inc., a year-round distributor of kiwifruit and other fresh fruits, has added biodynamic kiwifruit from Italy to its KiwiStar line. Biodynamic kiwifruit is an innovative addition to the market and Trucco is one of the first importers to introduce this product in the United States.TRU-Kiwistar-BIODYNAMIC-Label-PREVIEW

“We are always looking for the most sustainable products on the market to offer our customers, and we have been working with our Italian partners to grow biodynamic kiwifruit,” Nick Pacia, president of Trucco, said in a press release.

The company said its Demeter-certified biodynamic kiwifruit is grown in a way that takes organic to completely new level. “At Trucco, we view this fruit as ‘Organic Plus,'” Pacia said in the release.

In biodynamic agriculture, the crops are grown organically and the farm is viewed as a self-sustained ecosystem. The feed, water and everything involved in the growing process comes from the farm itself and is recycled. Trucco said the result is the purest form of kiwifruit on the market.

The company’s first shipment has arrived and the product is available now in bulk and other package styles, including a one-pound flow pack.

“We are excited to offer biodynamic kiwifruit, and this is a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to deliver the highest quality produce to our customers,” he said.

Courtesy The Produce News

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