A.J. Trucco Inc. has begun importing organic Italian clementines.

Fruit is shipping in 5-pound gift boxes and in 2-pound pouches under a new label, TruStar, according to a news release from New York-based Trucco.

“We are thrilled to be launching our new TruStar line with the arrival of our organic clementines,” Trucco’s president, Nick Pacia, said in the release.

“Building off the incredible success of our KiwiStar line, and nearly 80-year heritage of the Trucco name, we wanted to create a brand for our non-kiwi items that was both meaningful to us and recognizable to our customers.”

The TruStar clementine pouches feature a slogan, “peel, pop, enjoy.,” that highlights the easy eating experience of the fruit, Pacia said.

Trucco plans to expand the TruStar line to include more organic and also conventional items. Blueberries and figs are being considered for the packaging, according to the release.

By Andy Nelson (The Packer)

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