Bronx, NY – AJ Trucco, Inc. (Trucco), the year-round distributor of kiwifruit and other fresh produce, is thrilled to announce that for the first time it is offering Gold Kiwifruit of the Jintao variety from Chile.

Nick Pacia, CEO and President of Trucco, said “in March we visited our orchards in Chile, and we could see that the quality of the Jintao kiwifruit was unparalleled. We knew this unique kiwi variety would be a great addition to our already strong offering.” Shipments have already arrived and demand has been high.

The company has already experienced great success with this program, offering the kiwifruit in volume fill 6KG boxes and in 2lb clamshells. Trucco expects the Gold Kiwifruit program to flourish and grow for years to come and is excited to launch this delicious Jintao variety from Chile.

For more information, please contact us at 718-893-3060

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